Two Parables on Partnering


Once upon a time, human beings conspired to storm heaven. It seemed that God or the gods no longer visited them and were no longer there for them, if ever they were.

“Besides,” they thought, “who put the gods in charge anyway? We’re imaginative, creative and resourceful — especially if we work together. There is no need to wait on gods. There is no problem if they don’t visit us. We will dream and design, and then build. We will go to them, Him or Her, or … whatever. A tower of our making will take us to the garden that once was. From there, garden delights will flow earthward.”

Sadly, they learned that no tower of such making could ever reach heaven.

The Garden Restored

Once upon another time, like never before or since, a good God enacted eternal intent and laid aside power, privilege and prestige to visit the garden made barren by reckless choice. God descended and entered into the dry, crusty environment to be there, once and forever after, with all the dirt people.

So He began to blow away the dust, moistening, softening and enlivening them with living water to shape and form them into a structure made without hands, yet still under construction.

These dirt people — now mud people — drawn from every swamp’s corners come together, grow together and rise together until their rising somehow bridges barren deserts and fertile highlands.

Their rising creates bridges until finally the mud folk, now become so much more together, see the garden return. They are bridged until the whole earth shines with the splendor of the Holy One as waters cover the sea.

Then the coming together of mud ones radiates Heaven’s One, and no one remembers anything but garden.


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