The Un-affordable Care Act


19646822-medical-doctor-holding-a-world-globe-in-her-hands-as-medical-network-concept[1]I believe that no person should lack care, especially when vulnerable to sickness, pain and death.

I believe that someone needs to do something—no, many need to do something about the people lost in systems that don’t work, last in terms of priority, and least among the most noticed and esteemed.

I believe that injustice and hurt must not be tolerated but named and eliminated.

I believe that the status quo almost always serves the interests and offers the perks to those who least need them and routinely by passes the profoundly disenfranchised.

I believe that few, if any, now on the inside of the systems are in a position even to see the painful realities that others only see, and even less positioned to address them.

I believe addressing them will not happen without much inconvenience, discomfort, and even suffering.  Fixing things will hurt.

Well … imagine if the healthiest could somehow enter in among the sickest and share vim and vigor enough to make them well and whole.  Or, consider the most skilled practitioner of the healing arts per chance entering into the anguish of the hospice center and generating new life for all its residents.
Think about the most creative innovator entering into the chaos of broken systems or the inertia of dying cultures, and leading folks out and then into other ways of connecting and relating that bring harmony and well-being to all and that spin out synergies of hope in every direction.

Imagine Life-giver embracing Life-taker in the ultimate Life-grip that leaves only Life standing.  Yes, imagine what none of us could ever afford, even if it were on offer—a totally unaffordable act of care that did, in fact, cause such “entering in.”  An entering in such that strength clothes weakness, health … illness, beauty … ugliness, honor … shame, forgiveness … guilt, reconciliation … estrangement, Life … death, and cosmos … chaos.

Yes, imagine the coming of One who acts in the most unaffordable way so that all persons and things receive the care that makes “very good” once again.  Tis the season for us to affirm it, celebrate it, and embrace it!  For a child was born by whose coming the world is entered and embraced.

I know that some who have read thus far were misled by the title to think I would be writing about our healthcare systems and needs, and current plans to address them in the “Affordable Care Act.”  Sorry to disappoint you.  But, then again, it just might be that what we have hoped could happen through political and legislative acts really can’t, and will always bring at least some disappointment.  And it might be that what we most need has already been given and waits for us.

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